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The Sysop and BBS does not have to have ever been listed in the USBBS List, the memorial listing just needs to meet these criteria:
* The Sysop's real name must be used in the USBBS Memorial List.
* The Sysop's BBS must have been a DIAL-UP BBS at one time.
A Sysop running a dial-up BBS from any platform may be listed, including but not limited to DOS, CP/M, Windows, OS/2, Commodore, Amiga, Tandy, TI99/4a etc.
USBBS List is not currently linking to online obituary, memorial, or tribute pages, but we may in the future. If you know the link to such a page, you may enter it in the comment area for possible future use.
The editor reserves the absolute, discretionary right to determine the appearance, format and content of the USBBS Memorial List.

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